I am Fran Melo

I am a 27 years old web enthusiastic UX-Designer and UI-Designer.

I have designed and built a variety of tools for myself and clients around the US like custom CMS, Quote Manager, Product Manager and more.

I have a strong appetite for technology and understanding
how it works.

One of the latest projects I have developed is @ufeedmeback.
Make sure you check it out.

My first language is Portuguese.

I am married to the most beautiful woman I have ever
laid my eyes on (@talymelo).

To finalize I'd like to mention I am a believer of Jesus Christ.

This site is outdated due to lack of time, please contact me for info.

I am currently only available by referral but don't let that discourage you from dropping me a line.

My Work

Check out some examples of my work (2010)

Contact Me

I will get back with you within 48 hours.

You can either use my e-mail form or drop me a line at:


You can also contact me via skype:


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